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DNA Testing Service


Standard Trio Paternity:  Mother, Child, and Alleged Father

($219.00/chain of custody)

Motherless Paternity:  Child and Alleged Father

($219.00/chain of custody)

Maternity: Child and Mother

($219.00/chain of custody)

1-Day Express Testing: Applies to Standard Trio, Motherless and Maternity


Paternity and Maternity: Mother, Child, and one Alleged Father, with separate reports paternity and maternity calculations

($269.00/chain of custody)

Additional Tested Party: Additional Child or Alleged Father in a paternity

($109.00/chain of custody)

Prenatal: Prenatal Sample, Mother, and Alleged Father
(you will need to find the doctor to do Amniocentesis)


Prenatal  - Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test          $1,349.00

Extended Testing: Additional markers for related AFs


Grandparentage with Mother: Both Paternal Grandparents, Child, and Mother


Grandparentage without Mother: Both Paternal Grandparents and Child


Full Siblingship with Common Parent: Test Two Alleged Full Siblings with Common Parent


Full Siblingship without Common Parent: Test Two Alleged Full Siblings without Common Parent


Half Siblingship Test with/without Common Parent: Two Alleged Half Siblings


Genetic Reconstruction: up to 5 individuals tested


Avuncular (non-chain only): Child and Alleged Uncle/Aunt


Y-STR Test: Two or more males (ancestry test)


Twin Zygosity: Fraternal or Identical Twins


DNA Banking: Secure storage of DNA samples for 15 years


DNA Profiling: Individual DNA profile




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